Ryan Giggs is set to be sacked as the Welsh Manager

The FAW have been studying a new interview by Rhodri Giggs as well as the current case pending of assault, Ryan Giggs is currently facing on his girlfriend.

The claims come from Adam Brown who presents the Youtube football show ‘Football With Brownie’

Brown who has close connections and sources within the FAW, claims that it’s only a matter of hours until Giggs is sacked.

Giggs was never the appointment the FAW council wanted but was forced through by FAW Chief Executive Johnathan Ford.

On the 22nd of February, a no vote of confidence was passed by the Welsh FAW council and Ford went on gardening leave before resigning a month later.

Now Brown and his close sources have revealed its only hours away before the dismissal of the current ‘suspended’ Welsh Manager,

Giggs has been on suspension for several months since being charged for assault in November 2020.

The Euro Championships are pending and Wales will need a permanent manager to lead them in the finals dotted around Europe.

Global247news have also followed up the claims of Adam Brown and they appear to be correct at the time of going to press.

The full video with the exclusive news can be watched below.

Do readers think Giggs should be sacked and who should replace him?




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