British Expats in Spain Who Flew Home For Jab Now Concerned

Concerns are rising amongst British ex-pats in Spain who flew home to obtain the Coronavirus jab

As news constantly develops and spreads around the globe in regards the AstraZenaca vaccination British ex-pats in Spain are getting concerned.

Many British ex-pats in Spain feared the delay in Spain of receiving the vaccination against the deadly virus.

Some of those used the opportunity to fly home to the UK and use their British credentials to obtain a jab.

Now concerns are rising as the indications are the jab they received can result in blood clots.

Opportunists who went back to the UK with the aim of getting an early vaccination weren’t breaking any laws but now it appears the plan of beating the wait in Spain has backfired for some, who are now concerned as news filters through of blood clotting issues.

Whilst the British government are still claiming the vaccine is safe, today they have announced that a different vaccine will be offered to the under ’30s due to the risk of blood clotting.

In the UK itself, there is a great debate going on currently after the government’s announcement.

Ian Hallam who previously lived in Sevilla before returning to the UK told Global247news: “I can’t understand the governments latest move, according to the NHS website blood clots are extremely rare in the younger generation.

Ian Hallam resident of Sevilla for many years

“If you read the NHS website they make it very clear but now the government are taking the action they are and not giving it to under ’30s.

“That’s very odd, I’m just confused about what to believe, there are no clear answers at all. So much so there must be an agenda being executed by the authorities.

” The NHS was struggling before all this came out, Perhaps this jab will finish a lot of us off therefore taking the pressure off the NHS?” he questioned.

Now Hallam’s comments and the news coming out of the media have raised concerns especially amongst British ex-pats in Spain, who took the opportunity to go home to receive a jab before returning.

Bruce Lockett, a European van driver, who operates his transport business out of the Costa del Sol is one of those concerned.

Bruce Lockett Costa Del Sol Resident Who Took Advantage Of UK Jab

Lockett said: ” Whilst in the UK last week making deliveries, it was so easy to obtain a jab, I simply went on a website and stated I wasn’t registered with a UK doctor and was over 50 years old.

“I got my jab within 3 days of applying, I thought I was jumping the list and the wait here in Spain, I’m not so sure it was a wise move now?

” What have I allowed them to inject me with?

” I am very concerned and I know my pals here in Spain who flew back to get one are as well, maybe it wasn’t so clever” he questioned himself.

Meanwhile, Dr Hollie Cockings, feels she has the answer,

Dr Hollie Cockings

The Dr, when posed the question by Global247news, said ” We have been discussing this amongst ourselves, it could be related to birth control, under ’30s are the age group most likely to be taking birth control and it possibly increases your risk of blood clots”

Only time will tell if ex-pats who went back to the UK for an early jab made a mistake but after reading the comments from Dr Cockings,  Bruce Lockett said: ” That’s a little reassuring, but if that’s the case why not just women then?

” I’m over 50, I have had the snip so hopefully I won’t suffer any clotting” he smiled.


This article was brought to you with real people unlike Spanish ex-pat newspapers who appear to ‘make them up’  

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