Fourth Wave Of Covid Flowing Through Spain's Costa del Sol Threatening More Restrictions

A fourth wave of  Covid-19 is flowing through Andalucia and the Costa del Sol forcing a Minister Of Tourism to issue warnings.

Juan Marín is the vice president of the board and minister of tourism for Andalucia the region that includes Spain’s holiday hot spots on the Costa del Sol.

Marín has now been forced to issue further warnings about returning to pre- Easter restrictions.

With the region reportedly having another rise of infections since relaxing hospitality sector regulations combined with warm weather Marín announced ” If we have to return to old schedules we will”

The next meeting to evaluate all the data and consider putting restrictions back in place is set for tomorrow whilst the current regulations are in force until Friday.

Although whatever they decide, any regulation set in place will only last until May the 9th, when Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says he will remove the State Of Emergency.

Once that’s removed local authorities will no longer be in control of any restrictions at all.

So, in reality, they have 4 weeks to sort out the Costa del Sol once and for all if there is to be any holiday season this summer at all.

Some residents on the coast in Southern Spain fear seeing  4 weeks of hard restrictions to beat the virus once and for all.

Tommy Docherty in Fuengirola said he’s fed up with all the local ‘tooing and throwing’ of statements between governing bodies and that it appears they can’t make their minds up.

“They change like the wind,  here on the Costa del Sol it goes back and forth on a weekly basis, sometimes you couldn’t make it up, you really couldn’t.

” Whilst we want visitors of course as the area needs their money and fast! – You can’t blame them if they don’t come here

“The PR is appalling and very off-putting,” said the Scotsman, who finished with “They are like sales prevention officers”









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