Dubai naked photoshoot women will be deported

A group of people have been arrested in Dubai.

Arrests in Dubai after women pose naked on balcony. Police have charged them with debauchery. It came after a video of naked woman posing on a balcony was shared on social media. The incident happened in broad daylight. Over a dozen women lined up naked to be filmed in the upmarket Marina area of the city. Strict laws in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) mean that drinking alcohol or kissing in public can land people a jail sentence.

Under a public decency law in the country, being nude or behaving in a “lewd” manner carries a 6 months prison sentence. And a fine of 5000 Dirham (£983). The National, a state newspaper, carried the story that it was a publicity stunt. However it failed to elaborate on the story.

Police stated that those held over the video have been referred for public prosecution. In a released statement the police said. “Such unacceptable behaviours do not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society.”


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