APPEAL for Sandra Evans From Mijas In Spain To Come Foward

An appeal has been launched in Spain for Sandra Evans from Mijas to come forward

Sandra Evans apparently from Mijas is desperate to see her grandchildren as she hasn’t been able to see them for 18 months.

She’s quoted in an article written by Ron Howells in the Euro Weekly News as saying on Social Media:

“I’m furious and disappointed by the PM’s speech. I was really hoping Johnson was going to add Spain to the UK’s green traffic light system. I haven’t seen my grandkids for almost 18 months, it’s heartbreaking. I have many friends here in the same position, we are all dying to get over to the UK, seems like we have been isolated forever.”


Now a group of residents concerned about Sandra’s wellbeing wish to get in contact with her and advise of the regulations that allow her to fly back to see her grandchildren.

Whilst the article claims Sandra made the comments on Social Media so far they haven’t been able to find her or her comments so are now appealing to ex-pats on Spain’s Costa del Sol to make contact if they know Sandra Evans from Mijas or have seen the comments as so they can make contact and offer her the good news and advice.

Although in the UK itself, the attitude is different to the Grandmother, Adrian Vincent on reading about her predicament said: ” Is she a bit tup?

” All throughout 2020 she’s been able to fly home, and her friends too, I can’t see what she’s complaining about,

“She says she and her friends are all dying to get over to the UK, they have had a whole year to do so.

” I can’t see what she’s talking about – it’s a very odd statement – I know loads who have come back to the UK during the pandemic.

“I’ve searched high and low on social media for her to ask why the drama but couldn’t find her,” said the Managing Director who added “It’s going to be interesting when shes found, that’s if shes real, it’s strange how nobody can find her comments, is it fake news?” he questioned.

Sandra if you don’t wish to come forward here are the current guidelines for returning home and we hope you get to see your grandchildren soon!





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