Bus stop blocking front door of home with "excellent transport links"

A house has gone on the market with a bus stop blocking the front door.

Bus stop blocking front door of home with “excellent transport links”. The new build home is marketed as having “excellent transport links”. The bus stop has been placed in the middle of the path leading to the front door. The 10ft high stop comes complete with a timetable outside the house in Stapenhill, Burton, Staffordshire.

Estate agents John German are marketing the property for £174,950 with the tagline “excellent transport links”. Jane Evans, 23, who was thinking of buying the new house, said “I’m renting with my boyfriend at the moment and we’re desperate to buy our first home together. I saw this house go up for sale and told my boyfriend it was perfect all except for the bus stop in the middle of the path.

And he thought I was joking until he saw it for himself. He actually gets the bus to work so I told him he had no excuse for being late.

The house particulars even said it had excellent transport links.

I suppose that’s bang on. It is daft though, if we had kids I’d have to leave the pushchair on the pavement.” Some social media users thought it was funny and may have originally been a prank.

Additionally, one said “Typical, you wait ages for a new housing development and then this comes along….” while another added “Brains? Planning? Communication? And a Waste of money.” The local bus company, Midland Classic, said that the sign was erected there before the house was built. Confirmation came from Staffordshire County Council who said the developer has been asked to re-locate the bus stop.


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