Spain's Alicante On The Costa Blanca has the 'hottest cleaner' say Expats

Expats in Spain based in the Alicante region are claiming they have the ‘hottest cleaner’

Expats down in Southern Spain on the Costa Blanca couldn’t believe their eyes when Tracey Orrom posted into a Facebook group advertising her cleaning services.

Tracey, simply looking for a couple of new clients after some had returned to the UK permanently though has caused a right stir with the men in the Alicante region.

Expat residents couldn’t believe their eyes as the Samantha Fox lookalike posted her face to the advertisement.

Now those residents on Spain’s Costa Blanca are claiming they have the hottest cleaner on the coast.

One resident wrote into Global247news asking if we had contacts for the glamourous cleaner, although he didn’t wish his name publishing for fear of reprisals from his wife, he wrote: ” Look at this beauty! – she needs to be modelling not cleaning, can you help?

“We have the hottest cleaner on the coast!” he claimed.

As the post started to circulate across social media channels others joined in.

” Wow look at those eyes, so beautiful,” said Darren Charles whilst Ian Strong commented ” Oh darling I wish you could spruce me up in the morning sun”

Following many more comments, it seems Tracey, who is just looking for a couple of extra cleaning appointments has ruffled the feathers of admiring men on the Costa Blanca despite only having Monday and Tuesday free for cleans for €10, we doubt she will be looking for long after the stir she has caused.

If you would like the services of Tracey you can find her amongst her new admirers on the Facebook group Los Montesinos Buy And Sell Group where she is taking messages.

We at Global agree it would be hard to find a finer cleaner!

The most beautiful cleaner on the Costa Blanca?



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