UK WEATHER: Met warn people to tie down garden furniture

Temperatures are set to plummet over the Easter weekend in the UK.

UK Weather: After scorching temps snow is on it’s way. Forecasters say snow could hit the country over the next few days. They also predicted that a swing in conditions could bring gale force winds to many parts. The highest March temperature for 53 years saw people flocking to parks as London hit 24.5C.

The hottest March temperature ever was recorded at Mepal in Cambridgeshire in 1968 when thermometers hit 25.6C. The Easter weekend will start fine and warm, however a cold front from the north will travel southwards on Sunday. Weather producer Joanna Robinson, who works for Sky News, said “Arctic air will then plunge southwards to affect all areas on Easter Monday, with a significant wind-chill making it feel very cold for early April.

Thundersnow is possible too – a thunderstorm that occurs with wintry precipitation. It’s quite rare. The lightning can appear brighter because of the light reflecting off the snowflakes, whereas the sound can be dampened down.” Large parts of the country will be fine Saturday and Sunday but temperatures will drop to 10C by Monday.

Normally warmer days rather than cold ones are expected at the end of March. The Met Office’s Nicola Maxey said “But it’s the colder temperatures that people will remember and note. The cold will be with us for much of next week, and with any showers, you could see the possibility of snow falling over the Pennines, Cumbria, Scotland.”


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