Yeovil & Somerset Residents Look Forward To A New Licking Of Ice Cream

The much-loved Ferrero Rocher will soon be available in ice cream stick form this summer.

As restrictions begin to ease, the new Ferrero Rocher ice creams are reportedly launching in the UK in time for the warm season.

This is bound to be good news for fans of the iconic chocolate hazelnut truffle balls – which are currently available in a box of 42 for just £12 at Amazon.

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more excited for summer, Instagram food blogger John’s Snack Reviews shared a picture of the new frozen treat.

The post revealed two flavours of the Ferrero Rocher ice cream – classic and dark – along with the new Raffaello ice cream stick, which is white chocolate and coconut. Yum!

Meanwhile an Ice cream fan in Yeovil Somerset, Adrian Vincent is looking forward to stocking the new ice cream to his garden bar, known as Vincenzo’s and inviting friends around for a ‘ Good Lickin’ as he said:

“The summer is just going to get better after this lockdown, I love ice cream and will defiantly be stocking this in my bar, It will go down a treat with Thatchers cider especially.

” I have big plans for this summer for Vincenzo’s and will be inviting as many people as possible around as regulations lift, now they can sup and lick to their heart’s content with this new launch from my favourite supplier Ferrero Rocher

“My only concern is if my friend Yasmin King takes an addiction to them, we already know what she’s like on the plonk” he laughed.

Vincent, known to stream live videos from his luxury hot tub across Somerset isn’t though the only resident looking forward to the new ice cream delight.

Builder David Pinkett plans to celebrate the ending of lockdown with an ice cream party for all his staff with the new brand, he says: ” It will be cheaper than buying them a pint, they say I have long pockets and short arms at the best of times, so this could shock them” he joked.





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