Motorhomer's are on the starting grid waiting for the lights to go out

Motorhomer’s are on the starting grid as they prepare to launch back out onto the roads

Motorhomer’s around the UK are waiting in anticipation for ‘take off’ so they can get back out to the freedom of the road.

Owning a motorhome is as popular as it’s ever been with sales of luxury ‘homes on wheels’ at record levels.

Although, throughout the pandemic, they have been grounded but as lockdown regulations near ending, homers are preparing their engines in anticipation of freedom once again.

In wales, Motorhome owners have already been able to release their handbrakes and enjoy the natural beauty of their own country whilst in England, they remain on the starting grid.

Time hasn’t been wasted though during the lockdown says, Billy Withers, from York as he tells Global247news,: “It’s been a long wait for us to get back out there – although we haven’t wasted the time, during the lockdown, many of us have been working on our motorhomes and changing a few bits and bobs such as upholstery and so forth, the only problem though when you get in your van you just want to go” he laughed.

Billy then went onto say ” You watch the convoys hit the roads when we actually can, it’s going to be an awesome sight, motorhoming brings so much happiness to so many and it will be great to see all the happy smiling faces in the cabs – we all toot each other as we pass in different directions, I just can’t wait” he said in an excited tone.

Motorhoming is of course not new but thousands more of people in Britain are taking their home to the road rather than package holidays abroad.

It’s a fantastic way of like according to Mark Collier from Bristol as he tells how so many more people are turning to motorhoming, he said:

” So many are seeing it as a better way of holidaying and life, in my opinion, it’s one of the greatest experiences you can encounter – freedom!

” Motorhomers are the most friendly of people too and it’s a great way of meeting lovely people on sites whilst travelling.

” We are all packed and ready to go, we just can’t wait, I have my next route all planned out, the van is packed with essentials and soon we will be heading down to Cornwall before then heading all the way to Scotland for a few months,” Said Mark.

Mark went onto say, ” You only have to look in Facebook groups to see how friendly the motorhoming world is as we all share experiences and tips I recommend it to anyone”

Lockdown hasn’t been wasted though, with many taking to their drives and parkways whilst closing the curtains for ‘date nights’

“It broke up the frustration of lockdown, what better to take to your van on the drive with a couple of bottles of vino and draw the curtains with the love of your life – there’s been many keeping the old saying going ‘ If the vans a rocking don’t come knocking” laughed Phillip Watson in Cumbria.

It’s not long now before the roads and highways can be hit and expect to see a convoy of motorhomes coming past soon!





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