Toxic Twitter Caused Arsenal Fan Claude's Death Say Fans As Premiership Striker Hits Out

Toxic Twitter tweets brought about the death of famous Arsenal fan Claude fans claim

Whilst fans mourn today the death of internet sensation Claude, famous for his after-match rants on Youtube, fans are blaming toxic tweets on Twitter for his demise.

“Twitter has killed Claude,” says Arsenal supporter Ben Caleno who added “Twitter now, at last, has to take a stance once and for all”

Claude’s final tweet after receiving abuse

The Social media outlet already having been the blame for celebrity deaths such as Caroline Flack, now comes under more scrutiny following the death of the Arsenal supporter.

Former Premiership player, John Williams, told Global247news: ” Something has to be done now, it’s way out of hand

“I would hate to have been playing when all this social media was around, it would have been torture to deal with, its totally toxic, one bad game and you get publicly get slaughtered,” said the former Coventry player

“Now we have fans dying because of it, it all has to end” he further went on.

Williams in his playing days

The prolific former Premiership striker recently appeared on a Youtube show himself to discuss social media whilst confessing he has no social media channels himself due to the nasty spiteful nature of it.

Making a rare public appearance on Youtube show ‘Westham Unofficial’

he talked openly on the subject

The show hosted by 13-year-old Jake Cox saw fans ask John about his views on Social media.

Although according to Marbella based Youtube presenter Adam Brown, it’s not just Twitter but Facebook too, that is also toxic.

Brown who operates Football With Brownie

told Global247news his thoughts and how he himself is trying to tackle the issue, Adam said:

“It’s very sad to hear the news this morning of the demise of Claude, my heart right now is with his family, Twitter had clearly been getting at him, he even had a rant at me recently, I thought he looked unwell then

“Twitter though is a very toxic place to be as keyboard warriors say and abuse as they wish and it can be very hurtful, for instance, I have a lisp and that is often raised about my disability in nasty ways, especially from Swansea supporters, you only have to look through my shows to see that!

” I have actually been ‘calling out’ what I call Trolls & Snipers, as they get abusive online, we call them out and invite them on the show – we have one from Brackla in Wales coming on this Friday if he turns up, they often don’t of course, but let’s see if he does, I doubt it

” The lad in question looks around 17, one of those who sit on Facebook all day sniping away making toxic comments, hopefully, come Friday at 9 PM he will come on and explain his actions,” said the show presenter.

“As regards Twitter, it has now to come under some strict control, society, in general, is far worse for it and it needs to stop

“This can’t go on, people dying because of nasty remarks is death by bullying – it should be made an illegal act”





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