Four jailed for life over stabbing teenager to death

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said three men and a teenager have been given life sentences.

Four jailed for life over stabbing teenager to death: They were handed the sentences for the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Harry Baker. The teenager’s body was discovered naked at Barry Docks in South Wales. Where he had been repeatedly stabbed. During the trial, at Newport Crown Court, jurors heard that Baker had begun to deal in hard drugs. This led other dealers to target him as they were angry he was on their patch.

The four, Peter McCarthy, 38, Leon Clifford, 23, Leon Symons, 22, and Brandon Liversidge, 17, were all found guilty of murder earlier this month. Three other men were convicted of manslaughter. They were Lewis Evans, 62, Ryan Palmer, 34, and Raymond Thompson, 48. The CPS said that Thompson had initially chased Baker towards the docks.

Judge Justice Picken said on Monday during the sentencing hearing. “Harry Baker did not deserve to die and his death is as tragic and unnecessary as that of anybody who is murdered. And I make that abundantly clear.” Detective Chief Inspector Andy Miles, of South Wales Police, said after the sentencing

“No sentence will ever be long enough for them. Harry was robbed of his future and an opportunity to turn his life around. And his family and friends have been robbed of a much-loved son, brother and friend.

They have shown tremendous strength and dignity throughout the investigation. And during subsequent court proceedings and our sympathies remain very much with them as they now try to begin rebuilding their lives. The defendants showed a complete disregard for human life on the night of the attack. And that lack of respect and remorse has continued throughout this trial.”

In the meantime, Kelly Huggins, from the CPS, said. “Harry was deliberately targeted and ruthlessly hunted down by these people. Who carried out a merciless attack. Unfortunately, another young person has lost their life needlessly as a result of knife crime.”

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