Serial abuser attacks woman while on bail for another attack

A dangerous serial abuser imprisoned and rape a woman victim while on bail.

Serial abuser attacks woman while on bail for another attack. The attack happened at his home. Whilst he was on bail after an attack on another woman. He had smashed a glass in the first woman’s face in a bar in November 2019. Yonattan Aroldy Gonzalez Pineda, 33, made the horrific glass attack after the woman rejected his advances.

After, he was arrested for the attack and charged with GBH in April 2020. And whilst he was awaiting a trial he imprisoned and raped another woman. This incident took place at his home in Tottenham, London in June 2020. Again, he was arrested on 4th July and charged with GBH, rape and false imprisonment. He has been found guilty of all charges at Wood Green Crown Court and will be sentenced in May.

Notably, The court heard that Pineda had harassed a woman in a bar that he knew. She would not engage in conversation with him and left with a friend. He followed them outside and smashed a glass in her face jurors were told. Immediately The woman reported the attack to police and received treatment for her injuries. It was after being released on bail that the second attack took place.

The Met Police’s North Area Public Protection Team Detective Constable Myles Bossman said after Pineda’s conviction “Pineda is highly dangerous individual. He has subjected two women who he formed a relationship with to significant violence and has shown no remorse for his actions.

Ultimately, the verdict is welcomed as it sends a clear message that such acts will not be tolerated. In this case I would like to thank both victims for coming forward and supporting the police investigation. And finally, I hope this conviction goes some way to providing closure for the victims after what must have been a horrific experience.”

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