Piers Morgan pulls the Meghan Interview Apart

Piers Morgan has poked holes in Meghan Markle’s most shocking claims from her interview with Oprah.

Writing for the first time since he dramatically stormed off Good Morning Britain, Piers has slammed her version of events in a staggering 7,000 word article.

He also used the long piece to put across his side of a dramatic few days when occurred earlier this month.

Piers – who has since revealed that he quit the ITV morning show because he refused to apologise – also went on to criticise almost every claim that the Sussexes had made in their explosive interview.

These include Meghan’s claims that she didn’t Google Harry or his family, that her passport was taken from her and that she was told she wouldn’t be able to access help for her mental health.

Throughout the opinion piece, written for the Mail on Sunday, Piers explained why he decided not to apologise for saying he did not believe Meghan.

He said: ” I reached a moment of total gut clarity: f**k it, I wasn’t going to apologise for disbelieving Meghan Markle because the truth is that I don’t believe Meghan Markle.

“And in a free, democratic society, I should be allowed not to believe someone, and to say that I don’t believe them.”



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