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Property Management

Our property management service can help you have peace of mind by knowing that everything is looked after. We check for damages, leaks, break-ins, water plants, check your pools, check alarms and deal with legal local professionals to carry out repairs and maintenance, and much more.

If you run a holiday let, we can also make sure it is ready for your guests and provide a check-in service for them.

From less than €15 per week and includes our keyholding service for free.

More information about our property management.

Keyholding and property management by Home Secure

With the Covid-19 pandemic in progress, many people in the area have been unable to get to their properties as they were stuck in a different area or country. With that, properties became damaged due to extreme weather or broken into by thieves and squatters. That’s when Home Secure became an idea. We thought that we could help look after peoples properties and help the owners have less stress to deal with by knowing everything is in good hands.

With over 3 years experience as security in the aerospace industry in the UK, we have experience of all kinds of security risks; many of these can be transferable to your property. We provide an honest, friendly and professional service for all our customers.

Are you wanting more information? Please do feel free to contact us or take a look at the keyholding and property management sections of the website.


We have worked in some of the UK’s most high-security areas of aerospace, and we treat all our customers with as much importance.


We’re able to check your properties on days or times you wish.


We keep you updated online with all our checks and include photos.


We’re available to all our customers 24 hours a day.
Contact us today!


Spanish law requires that someone in the country has a key to the property. We hold the key so we can access the property in emergencies or in case we need to service the property.

From €5 per month.

What is keyholding?

Keyholding is where you entrust us to keep hold of your property keys. Spanish law requires that someone in the country has a key to the property at all times. Your keys are securely stored and access to the property is controlled by us in your absence. Access can be for things such as; alarm response, deliveries or tradesmen.

Advantages of keyholding

Peace of mind
With a keyholding agreement in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property keys are being kept safe and your property is being looked after, no matter where in the world you are.
24 hour access
Our keyholding service is 24 hours. We can provide access to your property any time, any day.
Welcoming guests*
We will personally hand over the keys to your guests and welcome them to your property.
Alarm response**
Once we receive the call of an alarm, we will act immediately to deal with the situation.
Cost effective
Our reliable and professional service costs less than €0.17 per day.
* Welcoming guests is available using our Meet & Greet service. See extra services on our property management service.** Alarm response is available using our Call out service. See extra services on our property management service.

What keyholding services do we provide?

  • Keyholding only
    • Secure holding of property keys.
    • *Granting access to guests, emergency services, tradesmen, etc.
    • Providing you 24 hour access to your keys.
    • €60 per year
  • Keyholding and mail collection
    • All of the services above.
    • Emptying mailbox and storing the mail in a secure location.
    • €80 per year

* Granting access is available with our Call out service. See extra services on our property management service.

Wanting that extra protection?

You may want more than us just looking after your keys, you may also want someone checking on your property for damages, leaks, trespassers, etc. If you do, you may be interested in the property management service we provide, which includes our keyholding service for free!


  • Keyholding
  • Property Checks
  • Meet & Greet
  • Call Outs
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Mobile Patrols


C/ Faisanes 6
03111 Busot

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