Global247news Introduce 'Free Advertising' To British Expat Businesses In Spain

Global247news have introduced ‘Free Advertising’ To British Expats In Spain. To assist British owned businesses during tough times caused by the pandemic

Global247news Introduce ‘Free Advertising’ To British Expat Businesses In Spain. News station  have today launched an advertising scheme to fully assist every British trader fighting for business in Spain. In essence, the advertising offered is FREE to all British traders of any industry or service operating in Spain as long as it’s legal.

Global’s current COO, Mike Griffiths, tells why the company is offering the ‘Donation Advertising’ service to all British ex-pat owned businesses.

He says. ” The European arm of Global, to which I am the current Chief Operating Officer, has it’s main readership coming from the UK & Spain, Both countries that have suffered badly due to the pandemic.”

“Whilst businesses in the UK have had good financial support from the British government. I feel for the British ex-pat readers of ours in Spain, who have had very little support if any from the Spanish government.”

“I thought to myself how can we assist the traders during these times?. Here we are with all the traffic coming into our news website. We have up to 2,000 people per minute online, all interested in Spain. Either living there or regular visitors during normal times so there must be something we can do?.”

Global’s Website Has Up To 2,000 Readers Per Minute Online And Sometimes More – All Potential Customers For British Traders In Spain

“I went to my Chairman and the shareholders and expressed my concerns. ‘We need to help these guys’. As we know businesses right now in Spain need maximum exposure. But maximum exposure normally costs and is not cheap. When you are fighting to stay afloat the sad thing is you can’t afford the exposure!

” My Chairman turned to me and said instantly. ‘Give them all FREE advertising and exposure. We have the traffic, allow them all to take advantage of it free of charge. But just ask them when they have some success and a little bit of a good week or month to ‘throw us back a bone’ if they can.”  He sent me away to come up with a plan.

” I went away to formulate a plan and a brand for the campaign to assist all British traders in Spain. And came up with the idea of “Donation Advertising.” It would allow the trader to take full advantage of all the traffic we generate, whilst not having to pay out unless they felt like giving a tip by way of donation in the event of a good trade. Although I still had to get this past the board.”

“Whilst my Chairman is a very generous man, it would still need the right package being put together and I went to task.”

” Knowing the market of advertising mediums for ex-pat businesses in Spain, it’s still run by the old fashioned way of Free Newspapers. That don’t work anymore with very little return for spend. As we all know in today’s digital world. Also with excessive rates for low volumes of traffic to their websites.”

“I did my research and looked at old media outlets from my own time in Spain. And was flabbergasted to see the data that showed just an average of only 9000 hits from Google a day, when it had previously in the regions of 100 – 200,000. A large drop-off but still premium rates with no room for the standard trader for exposure to the market.”

“I then saw some quotes on Facebook, one posted from a media outlet owner, It read:

“To every business owner out there.
Please remember why you are super special and why you are so vital to the community. You are keeping the landscape throughout intact. Your determination- your perseverance- your devotion to your brand. THANK YOU  and where at all possible everyone must try to shop local to ensure this business community survives against all odds!.
Have a great day ….”

” I thought to myself, how are they going to have a great day if you are going to be charged for any exposure?. I read it as ‘Give us your money’ as they don’t offer free maximum exposure. Do they really care apart from themselves I thought to myself?

Mike then explained how he used the quote to get his plan into place and agreed by his Chairman and shareholders. He said:
“I went into the meeting and presented the quote printed out to each of them. Instantly I had them all onside, one shareholder actually stood up and waved the document and said. ” Rising together? this isn’t rising together, where’s the actual support to these businesses?.’After all, he then said: ‘Businesses of our fellow countryman in Spain need support and action, not words’. And the motion of my plan was passed within seconds” he revealed.
” Let’s Really Rise Together! – Even Maybe Madge?”
Furthermore, Mike then goes on to inform of how every British trader in Spain can receive free advertising and full support. He says:
“It’s very simple, we have a website that generates thousands upon thousands daily, we publish, serious news, light-hearted news and sometimes funny news, it may not be to everybody’s taste at times but the important factor is it attracts traffic and all that traffic could be potential customers to your business.”

“In addition, we have a vast readership from various demographics and now every British trader is welcome to send us their advertising requirements, these will be clearly advertised on our website to reach the enormous amounts of daily readers. All free of charge!

” Just as an example – if you own and operate a British bar in Spain, we will list your bar with a description of your offerings in a new ‘Best Bars To Visit In Spain’ section, enticing our readers to try your bar!
“If you are say, a British plumber, we can place you in our new services section under ‘ British Plumbers’ and so forth.
“Entertainers, British acts – get in touch, we can formulate a section for you too.”
“Real Estate? – no problem, let’s advertise your services to the thousands of daily visitors – free of charge!
“Let’s get business moving for you, we know it’s tough out there and we know you can’t afford to advertise your services right now for maximum exposure. We know you won’t get the support elsewhere free of charge and that’s exactly the support that we wish to offer you during these tough times. Guys we have that exposure and let’s use it to your benefit
” Anyway, to proceed simply send your advertising requirements to admin@global247news and allow our vast experienced creation and marketing team to promote your business and services,
“And the only stipulation is as my Chairman said ‘ You buy us a beer ‘ with a donation however large or small when you have a ‘touch’ and whenever you feel like!
Finally, Mike finished: ” We have the traffic, you have the businesses, let’s really ‘ rise together with action, not words.
Stick Your Fingers Up To Advertising Costs! Global247news Introduce ‘Free Advertising’ To British Expat Businesses In Spain


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