Thomas Markle pictured delivering a letter to Oprah Winfrey’s house, asking for interview

Thomas Markle has been pictured delivering a letter to Oprah Winfrey’s house. Asking for an interview with the US TV host.

Thomas Markle pictured delivering a letter to Oprah Winfrey’s house asking for interview: He drove up to her property in Montecito, California, and handed the letter to a security guard on Thursday, March 25. The 76-year-old, who made the 1,000-mile trip from his house in Rosarito, Mexico, wants to tell his side of the story, it is claimed.

A source told The Sun newspaper in the UK. “Thomas delivered a letter to Oprah asking her to contact him so he could tell his side of the story. “This was not a note to Meghan and Harry, it was meant for Oprah. “Thomas watched the interview she did with them and feels he deserves a chance to have his say.”

TV star Oprah lives just a mile away from Meghan, Harry and Archie. The Duchess of Sussex and her dad have not spoken for four years.

During the interview with Oprah, Meghan discussed her strained relationship with her dad. Saying “I grieve a lot”

She told Oprah. “I’ve lost my father. Then I lost a baby. And I nearly lost my name. I mean, there’s the loss of identity. But I’m still standing. And my hope for people in the takeaway from this is to know that there’s another side.”

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