Tears flow for Brits as they head home to avoid being deported as illegals in Spain

The Spanish dream is over as Brits leave Spain to avoid being deported as illegal immigrants

Tears flow for Brits as they head home to avoid being deported as illegals in Spain: Brits this weekend across Spain, leave the country for at least 180 days as they don’t wish to be Spanish residents or have been declined for residency.

What started out to be a dream life in the sun, has turned into a nightmare for thousands of Brits who didn’t wish to be legally registered as a resident in Spain.

By not being legally registered, Brits until now, have gone under the radar when it came to paying Spanish taxes and other contributions, but Brexit has changed that, now they have to be out of Spain by March 31 when they will be deemed as illegal immigrants and deported anyway as their 90-day legal stay ends.

It’s not just the tax dodgers though that are affected, some ex-pats have been declined residency despite applying whilst others amazingly missed deadlines to apply, believing nothing would actually happen until cops started preparing deportation plans in anticipation of the deadline date.

Spain’s police force and authorities are expecting to deport 500 UK citizens within the first week, with targets already earmarked to be picked up and deported home, knowingly to the authorities not having the correct paperwork to remain.

Although a small exodus of Brits has started this week as they head back to Britain to beat the deadline.

One of those, Anthony Cook, tells of a great 7 years in Spain, but now he’s on his way home, he told Global247news: “The Spanish dream is over for me, it’s time to go back to Cardiff, it’s been a blast but the new regulations have made it impossible to stay, I don’t have enough credentials to become a resident, it was so easy before, get your funds in from the UK, do a bit of cash in hand around the likes of Benidorm and bob was your uncle, but that’s all changed now – hey, don’t be fooled thousands of Brits in some guise or other have been doing the same thing, especially in the entertainment industry!

” Anyway, it’s time to head home, the freedom of movement has gone, and I don’t want to end up getting deported and fined,” he said.

Cook though says he knows of any who are going to try and ‘wing it’ and stay, he said ” I know of loads who are going to stay thinking they won’t get caught, I think they will but they have said to me how are they going to check everybody but quite truthfully I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder, if they get away with I will look at it again and come back in 6 months

” They cite the lookey lookey men who are all illegal in the main from Africa and never get rounded up but I think Spain and the EU will target Brits due to the politics

“I’m not taking the risk – I will study and watch, see if they get deported” Cook finished.

Tears flow for Brits as they head home to avoid being deported as illegals in Spain

Another returning at Malaga airport today was Shaun Cromber who despite voting for Britain to leave the EU, didn’t believe it would end his Spanish lifestyle, he said: ” Yes I voted out, but I didn’t realise it would come to this, my application has been rejected and we are on our way home – the wife is in tears, she’s distraught if I’m honest and I’m not too happy at the prospect of returning back to the UK.

“I’ve loved living on the Costa del Sol and after 5 years can’t believe it has come to this, we applied but got rejected and so have no choice, although long term I think the Spanish will regret chucking us out of Spain”

The deadline now is only 4 days away and it’s certainly going to be interesting to see what happens when the British become illegal immigrants in Spain.


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51 thoughts on “Tears flow for Brits as they head home to avoid being deported as illegals in Spain”
  1. They voted for Brexit and now they don’t want to return to their beloved UK? Oh, the irony. Yeah, good riddance, Shaun.

    1. This was always going to happen. I just find it astonishing ex pats who lived in another country had the vote but EU citizens who actually lived here didn’t.

    2. Shaun Cromber is typical of many who voted to exit from the EU. They are ill informed and had not considered the consequences of their actions. I must admit to a feeling of schadenfreude seeing this happen to people who voted for Brexit. What did they think was going to happen?

  2. This is a real shame for both of us, the Brits are a very important part of our economy, personally for me living in the UK changed my life for the better and at a time London was more home to me than Barcelona. I can’t imagine how you guys must feel been forced to leave your lifestyle behind. I truly truly hope an agreement is reached between UK and Spain for Brits in Spain and Spanish in the UK. Spain without Brits will not be the same 🙁

    1. British migrants in Spain should not be given any preferential treatment unless Spain guarantees Freedom of Movement for Czech nationals to the UK and vice versa.

  3. Really, you can’t have much sympathy for someone whose residency is based on EU freedom of movement who votes to end freedom of movement.

  4. The ultimate example of turkeys voting for Christmas?
    This plus the self inflicted economic debacle
    The sooner that Scotland untangles the remaining parliamentary & admin constraints, and considers also the position per Scottish Constitution (Clause 8 especially), and choosing our preferred head of state

    1. Or Anthony Cook. Evading tax for years and being surprised not being welcomed with open arms?
      It’s not as if taxes are high here in Spain. They’re affordable and you get a lot back in return like excellent free healthcare.

  5. I’m sure the Spanish will be devastated in the long run to lose a bunch of non-taxpayers working for cash-in-hand. You voted for us to leave, so leave.

  6. I wonder which Party they’ll vote for at the next election. Most probably read the Mail/Sun/Express/Telegraph (there’s no difference) & will be persuaded that although Johnson has dutifully followed the disastrous Brexit policy laid out by the bigger bully of whom he’s afraid, the anti-EU Vladimir Putin, they will join the voting fodder & be persuaded that the impending tragedies for their kids (as illuminated by the Green Party) & the well-intentioned but weak-willed Starmer do not deserve their vote. So they’ll be herded into voting for an even worse future believing that their saved money will protect them. Pathetic!

  7. Whilst the story is a good one, Mario, pay for a translator or at least a proofreader when writing your articles.

  8. People who voted for Brexit didn’t know what they were voting for and those that thought they did turns out were buying lies

  9. The stupidity of these people… You either are in EU and enjoy all the benefits like freedom of movement or you are not. Why is so hard to understand? You literally voted for this to happen. Nobody care about these people, own it now.

    1. Although many of these imbeciles voted to ruin their own lifestyles, they have also contributed to degrading the future of me and my family. As such I wish them doom, gloom and pestilence.

    2. Well, they have only themselves to blame.
      As they have been living outside of the UK for 5 or more years, will they be refused HNS treatment? Now that would be karma!

  10. I get the impression Shaun says “At the end of the day” and “I’m not being funny” a lot.

  11. They deserve all they get! Voting for Brexit – WHY?? Living under the radar and not paying taxes: again – deserve all they get – they’re illegals and stupid. If you are that ignorant and thoughtless what do you expect to happen – ah but they didn’t think of consequences. every action has a consequence – learn that lesson quickly and before they all return to UK. No sympathy at all!

  12. Ffs,these Gammon twats who voted leave now have to “LEAVE”,Spain will be far better off without these people.

  13. I’m not saying it’s funny as f*£k, but actually yes I am, it’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. I have to say though, can we not refuse to have them back?

  14. I am sorry, for the Spanish people who will need to put up with the British illegal immigrants (oops sorry,Ex Pats), as those who wanted to remain in the EU will have taken the necessary steps to lawfully remain.
    Little englanders holding onto their Empire, so sad

  15. I think most points have been made on here since Friday night.
    It is, of course, yesterday’s news. Just like Brexit, Farage and Fannon. Just like Gove and his euphemistically entitled European Research Group. How much these “leaders” understood about leaving the political entity of Europe is unclear (because we can hardly leave continental Europe, can we?) but none of the little Leave voters had much of an inkling of what it was all about. Until it was too late, of course. They always were dispensable.
    As a starter for 10 – what does Brexit mean?
    There. Sorted.

  16. Freaking arrogant, insociable, entitled idiots. Come to Spain, create exclusive communities, shut and price Spanish out of the south, live and work outside the registered economy dodging taxes, still benefit from Spanish healthcare, infrastructure, services for free and be the exact kind of burden for which you falsely scream at immigrants in UK for, arrogantly vote for Brexit and stubbornly insist that you are something called ‘expat’ and Spanish immigration laws wont apply to you, celebrate yelling ‘We are out’, and hey, voila – you ARE out!!

    Look at what this arrogant twat says, even as he deported as a result of his own arrogant choice:
    “although long term I think the Spanish will regret chucking us out of Spain”
    …Spain doesnt give two zits about tax-dodging, racist, arrogant twats like you. Haul your ass to UK.You wont be missed.

  17. That is a very pleasant and open minded thing to say Tomas… I’m not as welcoming though. Proves these people didn’t engage brain at all when casting their destructive vote. Your “wife’s crying”, oh what about those who didn’t vote for it but still lost their businesses, homes, livelihood and even lives. All of these people interviewed sound like very esteemed people indeed, sounds just like kinds of idiots the elite and the influential prayed upon to swing the vote. Chemical castration for duyyyyyummmmmbbbb fothermunkies should be a “thing” to stop the spread of imbecility, meanwhile until that becomes a thing, for the silent Brexiters amongst us i hope the misfortune Brexit brings impacts you in the harshest way possible…

  18. Waiting for my French passport. I don’t know who I hate more, all those racist anti-English remainers (they think all other races are better than the British, apologise for our past greatness and refuse to recognise our geniuses) or the racist pro-English brexiters who ruined the country.

  19. Heart bleeds – also the story just doesn’t go into enough detail – why did the last guy get rejected by the Spanish authorities? It’s crucial part of this non story – in fact – it is the story. People living there and getting rejected – that’s what I want to know. And what are we doing to people over here? We have hundreds of thousands of Spanish, Polish, etc. What are we doing to them?

  20. These repatriated loyal subjects should look on the bright side, now they can have all the union jacks they want, pay taxes to their venerated mother country, and can smother themselves in pie and mash every day, they won’t have to put up with bloody foreigners anymore and that pesky requirement of occasionally having to learn the lingo to communicate is well and truly over..
    You have to wonder if the conversation about Britain winning the war and saving the world single-handedly ever came up when faced with their expulsion. Ah the irony of a brit being deported, still, they can’t take away their right to deny their indignity, so it looks like rule Britannia or will it be ten German bombers getting belted out as their last act of defiance on their coach trips back to blighty?

  21. All the remainers coming out of the woodwork (after keeping quiet over the fact that the EU have cocked up the vaccination of it’s citizens and so feel the need to punish GB for being prepared for once) to poke fun at Brits who didn’t have a crystal ball when Brexit was voted on. Spain WILL regret this if even only for a publicity point of view. I, for one, will look for friendlier countries to spend my money.

  22. For all the Brits in Spain, I might have the solution for you guys in order to be able to stay all year round! At this moment I’m investigating the solution and the outcome will be published shortly. In the mean time I would like to know how many of you would be interested in making an effort to set you up as a resident. Send me a pm on Facebook if you like.

  23. The reality of ‘Project Fear’ is now being felt by those stupid enough to believe the UKIP and ERG lies.Didn’t any of these dimwits realise that voting to leave tha EU might possibly affect their status in Spain? Thy voted against freedom of movement idiotically thinking it was a one-way deal, and never imagining it would affect their freedom of movement in Spain. You’d have to be pretty dumb to think that way, wouldn’t you?

    I’d be quite happy to see them refused re-entry to the UK; we need people who are willing to pay their taxes, not this shower of congenital idiots and undesirables.

  24. If British MIGRANTS want or have to move back to the UK, especially if they voted leave, they need to be subject to the same requirements as their other European betters. Do we really want xenophobic little englanders flooding back into the UK and leeching on the NHS? I am sure that countries that people are seeking asylum to find safety and escape human rights violations would look after them in an appropriate manner.

  25. I’m a permanent resident of a Schengen area country (not Spain). It was clear that the local Government wanted us to stay and made everything easy to do so (OK so you have to go through a load of bureaucracy but this is Europe). If the Brits in Spain can’t cope with that then it’s better for them to go back “home” as they call it

  26. Not legal in Spain, not paying taxes, working on the black, dont meet immigration critera. Spain is just the start. We have the same in France as well. I hope the authorities do the same here.

    1. Ha ha ha feeling so sorry for all these Brits “living under the radar” (=without paying taxes but benefiting for free of the Spanish healthcare system & all other public services) who will have to go back to the UK with a kick in the a**e. You wanted Brexit? You got it. And Spain is just the beginning.. Hasta luego!

  27. Indeed, as Ringsworth Spanker says, we are devastated by the departure of so many English people who do not pay taxes and do not leave their British neighbourhood. LoL

    To be honest, believe me please, that most of us Spaniards have forgotten the Brexit issue, we care quite little about it, after several years since the UK decided in favour of the Brexit vote.

  28. I live in the EU and I’m British, so often over the past few years Brexiteers have said to me ‘nothing will change’. Well I think Shaun and co will find this is just the start of a host of things they have taken for granted for many years which will vanish.

  29. Doesn’t affect me but it does not seem right that Brits are only allowed 90 days in an EU country while an EU citizen can come here for 180 days unless I am mistaken.

    1. the rules have been in place since 1985 and were voted on by the UK ,…the rules are for 150 countries and now one more is added to the list

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