Miriam Margolyes admits to making "sex tapes" live on This Morning

Miriam Margolyes has admitted to making “a few” sex tapes on ITV’s This Morning.

Miriam Margolyes admits to making “sex tapes” live on This Morning: Her admittance left presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in fits of laughter. The star of Harry Potter was appearing on Thursday’s show from her home in Italy. Schofield raised the subject of her “less than family orientated” project. Margolyes responded. “I thought I was supposed to be very careful this morning on this show.

They told me, ‘now don’t say anything nasty.’” Schofield replied. “You never say anything nasty but you’re always naughty and we love that,” Margolyes admitted “Well, I did a couple of sex tapes. ‘Sexy Sonia: Leaves from My Schoolgirl Diary’. That was one of them.” This left the presenters in fits of laughter. She did however insist that the tapes were audio and not visual.

She said “They’re very exhausting because when you’re simulating orgasm, as all of you out there will know, it’s tiring. And you get a headache. It’s not a question of having a headache at the beginning, you get a headache at the end.” Margolyes, 79, isn’t a stranger to controversial remarks on daytime television. Back in January she called Boris Johnson a “clown”. Which led to viewers calling her a “national treasure”.

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