Scam using Royal Mail cleans student out

A student has been cleaned out of every penny after falling for a scam using Royal Mail and Barclays.

Scam using Royal Mail cleans student out: She has gone on Twitter to warn others not to do it. After receiving a call from a man who said he was from Barclays student Emmeline Hartley moved £1000 from her account. Sharing her experience on Twitter she said “I mentioned yesterday that I’d been scammed out of every penny I had. Thought I’d post what happened in case it helps anyone avoid being in the same position.

Please save the lectures, I don’t think it’s possible for me to feel any stupider.” Her tweet has gone viral with more than 23,000 likes. Hartley, studying drama at Birmingham University, said she received a text from Royal Mail saying she had to pay £2.29 for additional postage. She said “I didn’t know about the scam and I even checked the website and I thought it was legit.

Given that it was my birthday on Saturday, I knew a couple of packages were on their way and have had to pay additional postage fees before so thought nothing else of it. I put my bank details in.” It was then that a man claiming to be from Barclays bank called her and told her a £300 transaction had been attempted at an Argos store. Hartley said “They took me through security before cancelling my cards and issuing new ones, saying they would take 3-5 days to arrive.”

During the call she was told that they needed to set up a new account and sort code. This was done while she was on the phone.

She was then asked to transfer all her savings to the new account, at which point she questioned the man asking him how she would know he was from the bank. She added “He gave me some more information about myself that I had not yet given, as well as the balances of my account.

By this time I had forgotten that I had actually disclosed the bank balances to him as part of the security questions at the start.” Still in doubt Hartley checked the number calling to find it was the number for Barclays fraud contact. At this point she transferred her life savings. She said “This man knew it was my birthday, he knew I have been excluded from government support during the pandemic due to being newly self-employed, he knew I am a student and he knew I currently have no meaningful income.

He knew all those things because of how profusely I thanked him for protecting my money. Yet he had no shame in watching me clear out all of my accounts to £0.” Hartley said that after contacting the actual Barclays they are starting an investigation into the fraud. Although she was told there is no guarantee she will get her money back.

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