Professor Lockdown sparks Autumn Holiday Stampede To Spain

Brits craving for a foreign getaway are being warned it might not happen until at least the autumn due to the coronavirus variants and starts a stampede for Spanish holidays

Scientist Professor Neil Ferguson said it may take several months until life may somewhere resemble ‘normal’ so people can enjoy a holiday abroad.

He said that new variants of the virus pose a threat to the UK especially the South African strain that is behind around 10 per cent of cases in Europe.

The scientist, who has been nicknamed Prof Lockdown, warned if the variant was allowed to run rampant in the UK it could disturb the nation’s vaccination programme.

As of Wednesday 28,653,523 Brits have received their first dose of either the Pfizer/BioNTech oxford/AstraZeneca jab and 2,532,839 have been given their second jab.

However, fears that the AstraZeneca jab could be linked to blood clots have stalled vaccination programmes in Europe.

But both regulators in the UK and Europe said the jab is “safe and effective” but the slump in vaccinations means Europe is now falling behind other nations.

The roll-out of the AstraZeneca jab is currently stalled in Austria, Bulgaria, Congo, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and Venezuela.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that Europe has witnessed an increase in cases and the UK is “very wary” of the third wave sweeping across the continent.

Since the Professors advice this morning, travel agents are telling of a stampede for Spain in the Autumn.

Travel agent Rian Rodber tells how it’s gone crazy: ” Bookings and switching dates are flying in – we have gone from barely anything to overload, Spain being the highest seller due to its well-known Autumn weather, with Ryanair and Jet2 both announcing they will continue to fly has added to the speculation, although quite frankly the Professor has sparked a stampede”

She added: ” Benidorm is the most booked holiday by far, so many people are calling and switching their holiday dates whilst fresh bookings are in abundance, with a serious flow of new business coming in for Spain, it looks like it could be an Indian summer for those who rely on British tourists this year, after all the doom and gloom”




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