A man comes forward as Barnstaple council suspend from employment the wrong man.

Man Comes Forward As Barnstaple Council Suspend Wrong Man Over Facebook Remarks. Barnstaple council decided to suspend from their employment one of their workers after reading an article on Facebook and the comments related to it.

Although, despite a man coming forward in Spain, and it clearly being a prank that backfired, the council still have the employee on suspension.

David Passmore, who remains on suspension from his part-time role at the council, took to social media channel Facebook to air his views of the gathering of scrap boats on the Barnstaple riverside.

The comment on Passmore’s private profile was a small sarcastic comment, said in jest. Although was spotted by one of his football supporting pals, who decided to play a prank and call our news desk with the story, purporting to be Mr Passmore.

The article went onto describe what the former nuclear power worker would do if the council didn’t clear up the mess. Although they were the words of a ‘prankster’ friend and not of Mr Passmore.

At first Mr Passmore, saw the funny side of it after publication. But those thoughts soon turned sour as the gentle Passmore, started receiving toxic death threats from boat owners and residents in the Devon town and surrounding areas.

After receiving hundreds of messages through the social media messenger service, all of toxic nature, matters turned even worse. When the council employee was called up by the council for a meeting on Monday morning.

Having spent the entire weekend stressed, on arrival at the meeting with his employers, Barnstaple County Council, despite informing his bosses the words in the article were not of his and he had been ‘set up’. He was suspended from duties.

The prankster, who called the news desk, came forward shortly afterwards. And fully explained his actions, to which have been passed onto the council, he told us:

” Dave is on my friend’s list, he’s in banter groups like I, mainly over football. He’s friendly with many Cardiff City fans through association when he worked with another pal ‘Nukes’

” He’s a good laugh, often we all play pranks on each other. This was just one of many, but it backfired obviously.

” I saw the remark he made on his profile, regards the rubbish in Barnstaple. And called the Spanish news desk of Global who on their website ask for stories, they checked out Dave’s timeline and added my telephone quotes.

” It was all innocent fun but clearly matters got out of hand. So I had to come forward and confess to my prank, I never even thought the people of Barnstaple would start issuing death threats over a few scrap boats!. That seriously wasn’t on.

“Although as an ex-councillor in Wales before moving to Spain, their overreaction hasn’t surprised me at all really. I was suspended from the Council myself as a Councillor, over a remark I made on a football message board. I guess that’s Councils for you!. My story was leaked to the Sun and I hadn’t even posted it under my own name but as my football fan handle name on the message board at the time of ‘Military Junta’.

” Seriously though, it should never have come to this and I hope Dave gets his job back soon. It was only a laugh, the council need to lighten up a bit,” said the former councillor in Marbella. Who also has had stints in stand up comedy.

Global has written to Paul Burton at the North Devon Council to explain the full situation. And issued an apology to Mr Passmore personally.

Meanwhile, the embarrassed prankster said. ” I think the council and people of Barnstaple have overreacted if I’m honest. Death threats were way out of order. Facebook is for mates to have a laugh and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. But I have and do apologise for causing the total overreaction of many.” he finished.

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