Brooke Shields talks about her struggle to walk again

Brooke Shields has spoken about her struggle to walk again.

Brooke Shields talks about her struggle to walk again: It comes after a horrific accident in a New York gym. She fell from a balance board, hit the floor and broke her right femur. She said “It felt like it was all in slow motion. And then I just started screaming. Sounds came out that I’ve never heard before.” In an emotional interview actress Brooke said she wondered if she would ever walk again.

She said as the paramedics put her on a stretcher she could feel her toes which she thought was a good sign. Talking of her surgery she explained “They inserted two metal rods, one from the top of my hip down, and another across into the hip socket.” However that wasn’t the end of the story as the broken portion of her right femur popped out, she immediately underwent a second surgery to add five rods and a metal plate to anchor it all in place.

She said “I never considered myself Zen but I realized with a certain calm that the rest is up to me now.”

After being discharged from hospital she developed a serious infection where she had had blood transfusions and had to undergo another operation. She recalled “At first they feared it might be MRSA, a type of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Thank God it wasn’t. If it had been, my doctor said it would have been a race against time. That’s how you can become septic. It seemed unthinkable.” Her family were unable to visit her due to COVID restrictions. She said “I’ll never forget how hard the doctors and nurses worked and hearing their stories about COVID. I have asthma but I kept thinking, ‘I feel blessed I can breathe.'”

She admitted her struggle to walk again has been hard, and some days she can’t deal with the pain. She finished off by saying “I’m the only one that’s going to be able to get through this. My career has actually been like that as well. One door gets slammed in my face and I search for another. This is my journey, and if it took me breaking the largest bone in my body, then recovery is something I want to share. We have to believe in ourselves and encourage one another. There’s no other way to get through life, period.”

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