The woman who was seen walking a dog that killed a seal has been revealed as a QC

Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC, 49, who lives near Hammersmith Bridge has been identified following the incident.

The dog Rebecca was walking attacked a seal on the Thames riverbank on Sunday morning (March 21).

Distressing pictures showed the young pup being mauled by a brown cross-breed at around 12.45 pm on Sunday.

Duncan Phillips, who was taking photos of the seal at the time, said: “The dog ran from the Towpath along the foreshore.

“Rebecca couldn’t have cut across. She looked genuinely shocked and traumatised by the experience.”

A second photographer was first to the scene and tried to separate the seal and the dog.

Shortly afterwards Rebecca, wearing brightly coloured leggings and a black sports top, tried to help grab the dog.

“She was very distraught and people were aggressive towards her,” added the eyewitness. “She looked in shock. I think she was really upset.”

After a scramble involving several passers-by and help from a vet who was nearby, the dog was finally pulled away.


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