Newlywed bride mortified after posting 'racy reflection' pic on Instagram

A bride was left horrified after accidentally posting a pic on Instagram.

Newlywed bride mortified after posting ‘racy reflection’ pic on Instagram: Jenny Parrish thought she had posted a lovely photo from her honeymoon. However the picture was more x-rated than she thought. She laughingly explained “I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram of my wine glass and I was NAKED!”

Luckily for Jenny a friend alerted her to the racy photo and she quickly removed it. She explained that the damage had already been done as 74 followers had already seen it. She said “Seventy four people had seen me naked. That’s seventy four people and my husband’s mom too many.” Her post has received over 217,000 likes and she said she can see the funny side.

One viewer said “My worst fear” while another added “Not me going to double-check reflections of every picture I’ve ever posted.” A third said “This is so innocent and funny I’m crying,”. Jenny’s husband Thor said “I feel like it fits your personality.”

When Jenny asks him “What are you calling me?” he responds “fine and clumsy”. Jenny said it’s an unforgettable way to start married life.

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