Samaritan In Spain Says To Brits: 'Stay Away From Benidorm'

A Public relations manager for the Samaritans in Spain has made a heartfelt plea for British holidaymakers to stay away from Benidorm

Genna D’Cruz, a public relations manager for the Samaritans in Spain, hs taken to social media to make her plea, requesting that holidaymakers stay away, she posted in her statement:

“I know many of you want to come over on holiday this year, especially if you’ve had the vaccine. But please think of us who live here and haven’t a hope of getting vaccinated before the end of summer.

“Just because you’ve had the vaccination doesn’t mean you can’t still spread the virus.

“We are way behind in our programme and yes we are suffering from lack of tourism, but we can recover from this, we can’t recover from death!

“Think twice and stay at home.”

Although she gathered support from many, others were not very pleased with her statement, especially those operating businesses dependent on tourism and holidaymakers.

The former BT employee, D’Cruz, appears to have sent shivers down the spines of traders especially, whilst local residents aren’t as outraged by the statement.

” Hey it’s alright for her to make statements like that, but she’s not the one robbing from Peter to pay Paul right now,” said bar owner Kevin Wilson.

Jodie Louise was quick to point out:

“If you are scared you stay at home.-Personally, I welcome every tourist back provided they have been tested before entry, and follow the rules whilst here regarding masks distance and handwashing.
“More deaths will occur from poverty and starvation and homelessness if we cannot get back to work soon.
No income at all is also a killer… And will kill more soon than the virus”
Kathryn Hall agreed with the statement in principal but reminded the Samaritan worker:
“Whilst I agree with your post, telling people who are desperate to go on holiday, not to go. really isn’t helping the small business owners of Benidorm who have no doubt suffered hugely and need the punters to get them back on their feet.
“Many people will be coming from the UK no doubt this summer and that will help our economy.
It’s a difficult situation all around, but life has to get back to normal, people need their freedom back, and businesses need to open up.”
Although, now with holidays for 2021 in doubt totally from British holidaymakers as the British government apply further laws Benidorm especially looks like it will be the hardest hit, although the sentiment of the samaritan worker appears to have rocked the town who are desperate for trade.
” It’s all very well being a do-gooder, I respect the Samaritans in general, but this plea is appalling, the Samaritans are going to be overloaded if the people of Benidorm can’t get back to work, personally I think the timing of the statement was atrocious” stormed Davey Wilks ” Looking at her profile – she doesn’t even live in Benidorm but Torrevieja!
” She needs to get down here and take a look at the depression and poverty instead of trying to be a Covid expert!” he finished.


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