Hiker "speechless" after witnessing rare weather phenomenon

A hiker has spoken about the “amazing” moment he spotted a rare weather phenomenon.

Hiker “speechless” after witnessing rare weather phenomenon: He had been hiking in North Wales at the time. Liam Roberts was climbing Moel Eilio in Snowdonia when he spotted what is known as a “Brocken Spectre”. The lorry driver from Bangor was left speechless. Explaining what a Broken Spectre is, the Met Office said “When a person stands on a hill partially covered with mist, and in such a position that their shadow is projected onto the mist, they may get the illusion that a shadow is a larger-than-life person seen dimly through the mist.

Such projections are sometimes surrounded by a rainbow coloured halo, known as a glory, as witnessed and photographed by Mr Roberts.” The 35-year-old hiker said “I’ve never seen anything like this before… I’m speechless. I kind of turned around to look at the views and I see this circle.

I honestly thought it was some kind of rainbow it kept getting brighter then it disappeared then came back for about four minutes. It was unbelievable I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it was so unreal I was shocked.”

According to the Met Office, the term Brocken spectre was coined by German pastor and natural scientist Johann Silberschlag in 1780, a reference to the Brocken peak of the Harz mountain range.

The unusual phenomenon is mentioned in books by Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens.

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