British paedophile Ben Lewis set to be 'banged up' in Spain's Madrid

A convicted British paedophile and co-founder of a children’s camp is on trial in Spain’s Madrid facing further accusations of child sex offences.

Ben Lewis, 31, is accused of making indecent videos of children at a school in Spain.

Lewis moved to Spain in 2016, shortly after receiving a suspended two-year prison sentence after he admitted at St Albans Crown Court to downloading and taking indecent images of minors.

Lewis, who lived in Borehamwood at the time, co-founded the now closed LL Camps activity centre in Bushey and was a former primary school teacher.

Naked images of three and four-year-old girls were discovered on his iPhone and when he was investigated by police, a pair of child’s knickers were found next to one of his laptops.

The court also heard Lewis videoed and photographed up the skirt of a nine-year-old girl he was supposed to be tutoring for her Maths SATS.

He had been reported to police in 2015 by a worker at the summer camp who had borrowed his phone and found naked photos.

Shortly after his sentencing, Lewis moved to Madrid, securing a new job at a school after changing his name. The national also says he has worked as an au-pair in his new homeland.

The paper says Lewis was arrested in the Spanish capital on June 24 last year on suspicion of making and distributing child sex abuse material. He has spent the past nine months on remand in the Spanish capital awaiting trial.

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