Yeovil residents turning town into 'Trashvil' says man on his home return

Yeovil residents clearly can’t reach the bin claims Global reporter William Reynolds

William Reynolds who took up writing for Global247news in 202o to cover Wales & The West – today was disgusted and embarrassed by residents in his home town, as he says they must now be so short-armed, they can’t reach the bin.

Unwanted Ice Cream Sits 10 Steps Away From The Trash Can

William, who now resides just outside the town, returned to Nine Springs Nature Park, to speak to the park rangers to check some facts for an article on dogs who scarpered yesterday, due to a meteor explosion ‘bang’.

Thankfully, the dogs in question all went home with their owners yesterday, after running loose into the higher woodlands.

After checking out the facts, he took his young family, of wife Jodie, and two young children, Arlo & Ellie for a stroll around the nature park and a play on the rides in the enclosed park, although when he got there – his young family were horrified.

Jodie and their children are American citizens from Sarasota, where Wiliam met his wife.

Today, was their first visit to what should be known as the ‘beauty spot of Yeovil’ since moving to Somerset in late October, but unfortunately, the name ‘Trashvil’ is more inline.

” I just couldn’t believe what we saw, it was appalling and clearly downright laziness by parents and teenagers, and before anyone attempts to say the bins were full or that it was badgers, it wasn’t!” said William

Can’t reach the empty bin?

” Quite frankly, clearly parents had the audacity to leave ice cream tubs full of ice cream, on bench tops just 20 steps away from trash cans

” What saddens me most, this is my home town I should be proud to show my American wife, over the last few years on Social media I have had to read comments of ‘Yeovil’s a dump’ – Well my sentiment is if you treat it as a dump, then it will be a dump!

“Jodie has been so breath taken with the countryside of Somerset, the friendliness of people, but today she was flabbergasted,

” It’s time the people who make such a mess, stood up and took some pride in themselves and their town – it takes seconds to place litter in a bin, that’s all, it’s hardly rocket science or a struggle”

Speaking to local residents, William was informed, it’s ‘always the same’ as soon as the sun comes out.

Dog Walker, Jilly Roberts, who’s lived in the town all her life said: ” Sadly it’s just getting worse, the younger generation parents have no respect for the area or themselves at all, It’s always the same down here when the sun comes out” she remarked.

“They go into that park, treating it like a ‘doss park’ and sling and leave their rubbish all over the place as well as clothing they fail to take home, look, jackets, gloves, even a bleeding single slipper!

“It’s getting worse and worse each year, the council around here make the best efforts to give the folk of the town the best amenities and look how it’s treated, it really does make you think, why do they bother?” she finished.

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