RAF deny sonic boom in Somerset & Dorset

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said that the bang is not believed to be linked to any RAF activity after a massive explosion was heard across Somerset & Dorset.

RAF deny sonic boom in Somerset & Dorset: The statement from the RAF has left everyone in the area even further baffled as to the cause.

The huge explosion sound, that was heard around 2.45, saw residents running for cover, fearing the worst.

Although the majority of people, believed it to be a sonic boom, but now the RAF denial has caused further confusion.

Aviation expert, Daniel Simmons based at RAF St Athan though claims, if it’s not a standard military plane, such as a secret test aircraft – it would be likely not to be reported or the RAF not involved.

Locals in the town of Yeovil, which is closeby to RNAS Yeovilton and the home of the Fleet Air Arm have though stated they have had a mystery plane flying in the region the last few days.

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