Wales will be out of lockdown before the election and straight back in after claims leader

A Welsh politician is claiming that Wales will only come out of lockdown for the election and then return straight back in after

The claim comes from the leader of the new Propel Party, Neil McEvoy who has raised the issue as he starts his election campaign.

He said: ” Lockdown is doing more damage than good now.

“Propel will end lockdowns for good and not go back in

” We’ll be out before the election and straight back in afterwards if Drakeford and the Labour Party get their way”

The stinging attack and claims against the current Welsh Leader, Mark Drakeford has caused a divide in Wales, where many feel the Welsh lockdown has been too extreme whilst others feel it was handled far better than the English version and was required.

Advocate Mary Williams, a staunch Labour supporter in Porth scythed into McEvoy and his propaganda, she told Global247news this morning: ” Come on look how many times Neil has been banned from the Assembly, if he had been in charge, he would have had thousands of more deaths on his hands right now, whilst nobody likes being in a lockdown situation, it was required and Mark Drakeford was correct in his approach, whilst I understand he’s not got the image for TV, he’s a very astute leader of our country,”

“To use the lockdown as an agenda to gain votes is very poor, it’s something I would expect from a Nigel Farage type, courting publicity however below the belt.

“McEvoy isn’t fit to lead our country, he’s too much of a crank type, point scorer” she finished

Although that’s not the view of thousands across Wales, who feel Drakeford was too harsh and deployed ‘non-common sense’ regulations.

” It’s been a shambles, no common sense applied at all, take for instance at one stage, pubs could be open but not serving alcohol – that was just pure lunacy, but he is a lunatic and that has come through in his regulations in Wales during this pandemic, we need a leader like Neil, he stands for the people not a drip at the helm,” said Kathleen Rider from Talbot Green

Whilst gym owner, Harry Evans denounced Drakeford in many sentences over mental health, citing the closures of gymnasiums as by far the worst regulation applied during the pandemic

He said: ” That clown has made a lot of Welsh people suffer mental health issues and severe depression during the pandemic, which has been campaigned against constantly by this McEvoy chap, he’s clearly thinking of the nations people rather than having his own agenda, he sees it how it is, he will be getting my vote for sure, and I know of thousands of others who will vote for him as well

” The Labour Party have persecuted him for years, but he has never given up, that man has fight and substance unlike ‘Dripford’ he finished.

It appears in Wales, the election battle will be one of the fiercest ever and certainly will not be a foregone conclusion.

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