Plans to put back lockdown easing by two weeks after cases surge

Latest infection data shows that COVID cases are on the rise in 1 in 4 areas of the UK.

Latest data shows COVID cases rising in parts of the UK: Newly released figures for the week ending 10th March show a rise of 29% across the country. This equates to 111 of the 380 local council areas. The biggest increase was seen in the Derbyshire Dales with a 202.5% rise. Although not the first time that cases have risen it does show that the battle to beat the virus is far from over.

Deputy chief medical officer Prof Jonathan Van-Tam said that it reinforces. “the fact that I’m afraid this battle at the moment is not won”. Government figures also show that, while cases are generally on the decline, the speed is slowing down. These figures come after the Prime Minister insisted the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID vaccine is safe. Despite other countries across Europe suspending it’s use.

Concerns over patients getting blood clots is the reason that Germany, Italy and France have paused injections. When asked of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine was safe on Monday Boris Johnson said. “Yes, I can. In the MHRA (the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) we have one of the toughest and most experienced regulators in the world. They see no reason at all to discontinue the vaccination programme. For either of the vaccines that we’re currently using.”

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