Yeovil resident Adrian Vincent returned to jail for the 56th time

Adrian Vincent from Yeovil, Somerset has returned to Facebook jail for a record-breaking 56th time

Adrian, a successful wealthy businessman based in the South of Somerset residing in the small town of Yeovil has fallen foul of Facebook law and been returned to Facebook jail for the 56th time since he joined the social media platform.

According to Facebook administrators, Mr Vincent holds the record for the most visits to Facebook Jail in the whole of Somerset.

For those who don’t understand what Facebook jail is – it’s a ban from the social media channel which sees you unable to share your views or comments.

The period of time is defined by how many offences you have committed in the eyes of the Facebook ‘police’ – the first sentence to Facebook Jail normally only sees a 24-hour ban but the more times you visit the social media jail the longer the sentence, up to 30 days at a time.

Mr Vincent now receives the full maximum sentence on each offending occasion.

Although Vincent and his hundreds of followers feel he is being victimized as he’s now prolific in his views to many, which can be outspoken and see’s him reported by trolls to where Facebook admins simply sling him in jail.

” The issue is Vinnie just says it how it is and how he’s feeling, but I believe the trolls on Facebook sit there waiting to report him, it’s got worse since he got banned from  a local Facebook group, they now go out searching for him to make a slip-up and get him thrown back into Jail

” He’s an easy target for the trolls who breed on ‘ Yeovil real and community news’ operated by a single mother benefits scrounger and her cohorts who sit on social media all day instead of getting off their backsides and getting a job,” says Richard Stent from the town.

“If you actually meet ‘Vinnie’ he’s the salt of the earth, the water on your window type of bloke,” said Mike Harris ” He’s defiantly being targetted, it looks to me anything he posts  he gets reported, it’s sad really that trolls act in such manner, it’s bloody sad they sit on Facebook all day every day like weirdo’s really”

Although the actions haven’t stopped the entrepreneur from sharing his opinion, like all those that get thrown into Facebook jail, they have separate accounts so they can beat the sentence.

Under his alias, to which we will refrain from printing to avoid enticing another troll attack, the record-breaking Facebook ban holder told his close friends:

“OK, so FB seems a little bit protective when it suits. Why am I here for the next 29 days and 11 hours you may ask?
I saw a post about a girl who was p1ssed off with her boyfriend and she sent a Snapchat offering for somebody to “hurt him” for money! Well somebody took the bait and murdered him!
The response that got me banned was “H4ng the B1tch” which I stand by!”
A close aide and employee of Adrian’s also known as Vincenzo to many said how he’s shocked when Yeovil Town has only a population of 45,000 that how his boss can get singled out, he said:
” I could understand it if we all lived in London or something, but little old Yeovil?  – there again we have some serious saddo’s in these parts who get their kicks just sitting on a phone reporting people, there’s one serious troll called Darren Foxhall you only have to read his sarcastic posts to see he’s the full definition of a sad troll”
” What these trolls hiding and sniping from behind their keyboard don’t realise, the real world can catch up with you, they haven’t got a clue who that are insulting or their background, I guess its lucky Vincenzo is a window cleaner and not an Italian mobster! – because I’ve read stories where trolls have upset the wrong people and been hunted down” finished the employee.
Adrian will not be appealing his latest jail time as he feels when it’s declined you just get banned longer.
Free Speech campaigner Miles Lamerton upon hearing about the case in Kennsington told Global247news how this is typical of society today and that how Facebook holds all the cards,
He said: ” Facebook has culled free speech, whilst it’s supposed to be a digital community’ it’s not.
” They cull free speech and what you could say ‘down the pub’ is not allowed, clearly demonstrated in this instance with Mr Vincent, he’s well known to us and we will continue to campaign for the likes of him and many others”


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