Amanda Holden says she exposed herself at Piers Morgan's family lunch

Amanda Holden recalled a family lunch at the home of Piers Morgan where she accidentally exposed herself.

Amanda Holden says she exposed herself at Piers Morgan’s family lunch: The 50-year-old television star said that her cleavage was on show for “a few minutes” before she realised what had happened. Speaking candidly in an interview Holden said “It was at Piers’s house in LA. It was my left breast.” As some of her previously worn outfits have caused consternation she added tongue-in-cheek ”

And there were no Ofcom complaints”. Morgan and Holden are old friends, having both appeared together as judges on Britain’s Got Talent. Speaking in the interview Holden told of how her family feel about her risque outfits when appearing on TV.

She said “My mum loves it. She just laughs about it. So does my daughter. If I’m trying on outfits for shows I’ll say to Lexi: ‘Is there too much side-boob?’ or ‘Is this too much?’ and she’ll grin and say: ‘Go for it, Mum.’ I’ll ask my husband Chris if I’m looking like mutton and he says: ‘Mandy, you could never look like mutton.’ It’s positive affirmation that we women need.”

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