A man who purchased a house in Sicily for €1 is urging others to do the same.

Could Sicily be the new expat haven?:  He says the scheme “truly is not too good to be true”. Italy has a new initiative. To bring new life to it’s villages by offering cheap houses. The offer has been taken up by 56-year-old Danny McCubbin. He saw the advertisement while working in London as a digital consultant. He said it had been a lifelong dream to live in Italy. And this was the push that made him decide to.

With many Brits abroad, particularly in Spain feeling disillusioned with their current lifestyles and the lack of support from the authorities, maybe Italy could be the next move.

The rules that go with the purchase normally say that you must promise to renovate your bargain home. Also you are to spend the majority of your time living in Italy. Mr McCubbin said “I have been volunteering for a community in Italy for over 10 years. And it has always been my intention to move here one day. Friends from all over the world started sending me more articles about the project.

I remember at the time that everyone seemed to be fascinated by this idea and I wanted to find out for myself if it was really too good to be true.”

Could Sicily be the new expat haven?
His new home is on the island of Sicily, in a town with 11,000 residents called Mussomeli. After his third visit and the viewing of many properties he finally settled on the right one.

He said that the locals are extremely welcoming.

He said “The process is so easy. Locals know that we are helping to breathe life into these areas”.

Mr McCubbin, originally from Australia, was only going to live part-time in his new home. However, with Brexit looming, he decided to apply for Italian residency and take the plunge.

He said “I know Italy has its challenges as well but there is a great sense of community here, especially in Sicily where people have struggled for such a long time. I knew in my heart that this was the right move for me.”

Encouraging others to look into the scheme he said “It truly is not too good to be true. Be prepared to put in the hard work to see as many houses as you can, you will never be able to buy a house remotely.”

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