Meghan Markle’s lies are starting to be exposed after the Oprah interview

One of Markle’s most irritating lies was that she was unprepared, no one was helping her learn how to curtesy or learn the British National Anthem.

Although this has been exposed by Global247news as untrue.

Actually, investigations into the American’s claims on CBS that she was left to herself and her own to learn Royal protocol are false.

This is ratified to the fact that Meghan Markle was deployed, Samantha Cohen to assist her for 6 months after joining the Royal Family.

Samantha, who was previously the queen’s assistant private secretary was given the task of Meghan’s Royal training and travelled thousands of miles with the future Duchess Of Sussex to Royal events

.Cohen, 49, is originally from Australia and joined the Buckingham Palace press office in 2001.

She worked in civil service and public relations prior to working with the royal family.

She actually landed the palace job after answering a newspaper ad for a “media minder” during a trip to London almost two decades ago.

Samantha Cohen in the background on Royal training duties

Since joining Buckingham Palace 17 years ago, Cohen moved up the ranks, landing deputy press secretary in 2003 and getting the top job in 2007, becoming the first woman to be appointed in the role.

Although a Royal Insider told today to Global247news how Cohen was given a torrid time by Markle during training, whilst quantifying the fact that Markle had lied clearly during the interview.

He said: ” She was never left to fend for herself, it’s farcical, the Palace placed Samantha Cohen in the full position of Royal training – she certainly wasn’t on the internet learning the words to ‘God Save The Queen’ – although Samantha had a torrid experience working for Meghan

“Markle actually started meeting with Cohen after she and Prince Harry announced their engagement in the  November.

Samantha “briefed her on the Commonwealth and the workings of the monarchy,” he said.

He further added: “Cohen was in charge of helping Markle “carve-out” her new role as a royal, – she was never ever left to fend for herself, It’s all lies.”



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