Spain expects to DEPORT in excess of 500 Brits from the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Spanish authorities are expecting to deport in excess of 500 British nationals after March 31st

The Spanish national police have been preparing for the deadline day of British nationals leaving Spain due to Britain’s departure from the EU.

Special undercover units have been set up by the police who are preparing ‘special tactics’ to catch Brits who have outstayed their welcome and have not become or applied to be Spanish residents.

For many British nationals, applying for residency is a no go, with many in circulation with criminal records or tax avoiding.

The Spanish police since last month have been in training on how to capture evaders after March 31st with prepared detention centres already set up to take offenders before issuing large fines and preparing deportation back to the UK.

British police have also been working with the Spanish authorities with a list of ‘wanted’ criminals on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca to which deportation would see them arrested on their return to the UK.

“Spain has always been a bolthole for British criminals and now the time is running out for them with the new regulations, it’s the perfect time to capture them,” an undercover officer on Mersyside told Global247news

He added: ” These aren’t major criminals but criminals who have left for Spain without paying fines or evading UK court orders, and there are a lot of them, many with historical evasion up to 20 years”

Although it’s not just criminals the Spanish police will be after, it will be all British nationals that haven’t applied or obtain residency to which the Spanish police force expects to be at least 500 persons.

Failure to return to the UK will see offenders fined heavily, deported with likelihood bans on returning to EU destinations.

A source told Global247news in Spain, how training has already commenced within the police forces on how to capture evaders who think they can still remain.

” There will be the standard procedures of roadblocks etc, for paperwork inspection but there will also be regular inspections in bars and clubs, especially those operated by Brits, we will see raids too on suspects harbouring what essentially will be illegal British immigrants”

” For those who are legal, to avoid confrontation and hassle, it’s advisable to carry your documentation on you at all times because the police will be stamping down hard – at least 500 is the expected capture figure and April & May will see relentless pressure to capture” he added.


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