Spain at the back of the list when it comes to summer holiday bookings

Travel agents say that Spain is at the back of the queue when it comes to summer 2021 holiday bookings

Travel agents are reporting that Spain is suffering seriously on summer holiday bookings due to the fact the governing bodies in Spain aren’t being proactive enough.

Whilst the likes of Cyprus & Portugal are seeing their governments getting proactive and inviting holidaymakers with incentives, travel agents based in the UK are saying Spain is lagging behind in holiday bookings drastically due to its government’s mentality to restrictions and cautiousness in regards to the recent pandemic.

According to UK based travel agent Rian Rodber, Spain’s less proactive measures towards Summer holidaymakers is costing them millions in lost trade, whilst Cyprus and Portugal as well as Greece are taking the bookings surge.

She told Global247news: ” Spain is way off the pace when it’s come to the last 4 weeks bookings, the bottom line is the consumers have no faith in Spain at present and are selecting different locations, countries that are being far more proactive and a positive attitude to the holidaymakers – whereas Spain’s lawmakers are lagging well behind.

” Spain probably has the worst media reputation right now when it comes to the Coronavirus and the consumers pick up on that, the Spanish government aren’t relaying a positive message at all and that feeds through and is often a decision-maker for the booker”

She further added: ” Consumers today have a far wider ‘info portfolio’ to what’s going on in the world with the likes of social media and from Spain, they are still seeing lots of negativity and restrictions and that affects their decisions”

Bristol-based travel agent, Neil Mitchell, reflects the same thought process, he told of how his regulars to Spain are going elsewhere for 2021, he said: “They want to go to Spain but don’t feel it’s wise too at present, there is still not strong enough messages coming from Spain to entice holidaymakers, remember these people haven’t in the majority had a holiday in nearly two years so they want positive vibes that they will get a great holiday, Cyprus is the flier at the moment by a long chalk”

Unfortunately, it’s bad news for traders in Spain, normally a high selling popular destination and local bar owner, Trevor Gaffney on Spain’s Costa del Sol agrees with the travel agents, he told: “They are right, Spain simply is not doing enough to attract custom back, it’s the typical Spanish government mentality I’m afraid, they need to get positive and on the front foot for business, but that’s what happens when you have a socialist government I guess?

“If they don’t take action soon we could have another summer holiday crisis and that will be a disaster for thousands, they need to drop all the restrictions and bloody well get on with it otherwise the sunbeds are going to be empty once again and everyone relying on the tourism trade is going to be up the creek without a paddle”


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