Suspected MURDER Manor Road Yeovil Somerset

Locals claim Yeovil’s latest suspected battle was a Polish drug battle

Locals in Yeovil Somerset are claiming that the latest suspected murder was a Polish drugs feud that ended in a man being taken away from Manor Road in a body bag.

As Global247news broke the news earlier this morning of a suspected murder in Manor Road Yeovil Somerset, where heavy police attendance and the air ambulance were at the scene around 10 PM yesterday evening, local residents are claiming it was a Polish drug battle and the premises are well known for drug dealing.

” We all know what goes on at those two houses which are entwined – the police do too but never seem to take action until now, everyone around here knows that its a drugs den

“There are normally two cars there one a great big Jaguar and a brand newish 4×4 in black, they seem to have been removed this morning, possibly for evidence?

“The dealers sit out on the corner by their cars all-day, often drinking out of beer cans – they have been a blight on the community for at least 6 years and nothing has been done about them,” said nearby resident David Walters.

” The only time that I have seen the police there before was when it appeared a previous attack took place on the big fat Polish man who lived there and the word is that it’s him who has gone away in the body bag last night” he added.

Another who works in a care home nearby tells how she walks past on an hourly regular basis and said: “I’ve always wondered when it was going to go off like this, you only have to walk past to see exactly what is going on there, you can also smell the drugs in the air, the two houses are I think interlocked and the gang are always outside and back and forth, I think this was a drugs battle that has over spilt to murder, I would put money on it” she said.

Mike Passmore, another local resident said: ” To the majority around here it comes as no surprise this morning – those two houses have been the talk of the community for years, dealers sitting in their big cars, blasting music and clearly operating in the drugs business, many times I have seen ‘exchanges’ shall we say! – I don’t think its actually a sad day for the town, it looks like we are rid of some pond life that has moved here”

Whilst the investigation continues by Avon & Somerset police who have yet to confirm the latest crime actions in the Somerset Town it appears local residents are pretty sure what’s taken place.


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