The healthiest and unhealthiest places to live in Britain

According to a new survey, Wokingham has been named the healthiest place to live in Britain.

The healthiest and unhealthiest places to live in Britain: The UK’s first national health index has been compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Lane Clark & Peacock (LCP), a financial services company. Each place was scored on a range of health factors from dementia, cancer, adult obesity and alcohol misuse. Wokingham scored 110, meaning it is the healthiest place to reside.

However Blackpool only managed a low score of 86. Surprisingly, the list shows a north-south divide. Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, who was involved in the study, told The Times it should be “a wake-up call to the government to deliver on its manifesto pledge to level up regional inequalities”. He went on to say “While there is some encouragement to be had from slight improvements in measures related to wellbeing and mortality, these have been cancelled out by worsening mental and physical health morbidity.

These may have deteriorated further as a result of Covid-19.”

Below is a list of the top (and bottom) ten places.

Britain’s healthiest places

1) Wokingham – 110

2) Richmond upon Thames – 108

3) Windsor and Maidenhead – 107

4) West Berkshire – 106

5) Surrey – 106

6) Bracknell Forrest – 105

7) Buckinghamshire – 105

8) Rutland – 105

9) Kingston upon Thames – 105

10) Hampshire – 105

Britain’s unhealthiest places

-Blackpool – 86

-Kingston upon Hull – 91

-Stoke-on-Trent – 91

-Middlesbrough – 92

-Hartlepool – 92

-Knowsley – 93

-Doncaster – 94

-Nottingham – 94

-St Helens – 94

-Salford – 94

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