Daughter, 11, finds parents dead in bed with COVID

An 11-year-old daughter has found her parents dead in bed.

Daughter, 11, finds parents dead in bed with COVID: They were quarantining in their basement bedroom. The incident happened in St Louis, Missouri. Authorities there said that she discovered them dead on Thursday. As previously reported by a local news station, there were no signs of foul play. Following reports of a death the police were called to the home address in Melbourne, St Louis.
In a statement to The Independent police said there was “no reason to believe their deaths were caused by anything other than Covid-19 at this time”. The couple, in their forties, were showing signs of COVID before their death according to neighbours. A close neighbour, Chuck Duy, said he understood both were positive after the woman visited hospital.
He said  “Supposedly, she had gone to the hospital. They thought that she had a stroke, but I guess it was due to Covid.” He went on to say “She tested positive, but they sent her home and then her husband, meanwhile, was home with a positive test for Covid, so they both were quarantined. To lose both parents at one time, you know, for an 11-year-old, it’s really tragic.
They were just the nicest people. We are praying for the girl and their family.” The daughter that discovered their bodies was an only child reports say and neither have been identified by authorities.

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