Susanna Reid not on GMB today after being upset over Piers leaving

Piers Morgan had his co-host and crew in fits of laughter after his admittance.

Piers Morgan admits to being a “bellend” on live TV: His comment was made after he controversially said that teacher’s shouldn’t have tattoos. After the topic had been discussed he turned to co-host Susanna Reid and asked if he should get a tattoo. He asked her “What would I do? ‘Legend’ across my forehead?”

She replied “Something else if you’re gonna do your forehead” to which Piers replied “Bellend?”. You could hear the laughter off camera as Piers raised his hand to his mouth in a mock shock gesture. He then said he didn’t know why people were acting shocked as they called him that all day long.

Viewers took to social media to comment. One said “#PiersMorgan just admitted he’s a *b***end live on GMB.” Another posted “Absolutely love that @piersmorgan called himself a b***end live on GMB.” Some viewers were not so impressed, with one saying “Tattoos affect your ability to teach?

From what Piers said on TV this morning the word ‘b***end’ when young children would be around at this time for them to hear, is more on of an inability to present a morning tv show. I’m sure the headmaster wouldn’t use that word.”

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