Will lockdown easing be delayed on Monday?

Larger indoor gatherings could happen sooner than the planned Stage 3 of the roadmap.

Larger indoor gatherings could be allowed sooner according to Government document: On Monday the PM announced 6 people (2 households) will be allowed to gather indoors. Stage 3 will happen at the earliest 17th May. At the moment the plan is to allow larger groups to gather from 21st June. At this point it is hoped that “all legal limits on social contact” will be removed.

However the COVID-19 response document, that was issued at the same time as the PM’s speech, there is an admission larger groups could gather before 21st June. A sentence on page 37 of the document reads “Indoors, people will be able to meet socially in a group of 6, or with 1 other household, though it may be possible to go further than this at Step 3 depending on the data.”

It raises hopes that the relaxation of rules could come sooner. However Government guidance still says to follow the current rules. Johnson said on Monday that there will be a review which “will consider the potential role of COVID-status certification in helping venues to open safely but mindful of the many concerns surrounding exclusion, discrimination and privacy”.

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