Drink-drive PC admits 'gross misconduct'

PC Tasia Stephens has admitted to gross misconduct at a hearing.

Drink-drive PC admits ‘gross misconduct’: Global247news reported last Thursday that the PC crashed her car while driving home drunk from a party. She was over double the limit when police officers breathalysed her. The 24-year-old PC from South Wales police was convicted of drink-driving at a magistrate’s court.

She now faces losing her job due to the conviction. She would also never be allowed to work for any police force again. A hearing on Monday heard that PC Stephens admitted the allegations led to misconduct. Case presenter Barney Branston said she went to her aunt’s party. Despite her “expectation to enforce the law and take action against members of the public who break them.”

Branston said PC Stephens showed. “no thought to other road users”. As she took the “extraordinary decision to drive after she knew she’d been drinking”. He went on to say that after the accident she failed a breath test. And was taken to a police station. After her guilty plea to drink driving she was given a 15 month driving ban and a conditional discharge for a year.

Branston said at Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates’ Court. “She chose to ignore the restrictions and undermined public confidence.” Her charge sheet stated “It is alleged that breaking Welsh government lockdown restrictions, driving when unfit. And being convicted of such an offense breaches the standards of professional behaviour in relation to discreditable conduct. And if proven the breaches whether taken individually or cumulatively amount to gross misconduct that is so serious as to justify dismissal.”

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