Shocked customer receives bottle of urine with food delivery

A surprised customer has told how he received a bottle of urine with a food delivery during lockdown.

Shocked customer receives bottle of urine with food delivery: Oliver McManus took delivery of his food from HelloFresh on Sunday morning. However, it came with a strange looking bottle of yellow liquid. He messaged HelloFreshUK on Twitter with the question “Hey HelloFreshUK, I’ll keep it simple: why have I received someone’s bottled up piss as part of my order? Look forward to your response on this one.

Give me an address, I’ll send it to you and you can have a whiff in case you’re skeptical!” He received a reply not long afterwards with the company saying “We truly lack the words to describe how sorry we are because of this.” Some Twitter users retweeted that it was probably apple juice to which Mr McManus replied “It’s really not.”

Speculation regarding the mix up is that the delivery driver stopped for a pee and to save time used a bottle. HelloFreshUK do not supply drinks as part of their meal kits.

Mr McManus said he thought it was probably in error as the bottle was sort of poking up and not packaged properly. He told a leading newspaper “The last thing I would want is for anyone to get sacked or in trouble as a result of this incident. It is unfortunate that it happened but I’m sure it raises some wider questions about working conditions in the UK.”

He added that the company had been “extremely apologetic”. HelloFreshUK said in a statement “We are truly horrified and sorry that the customer received the offending item. Given the wholly unacceptable nature, we are urgently investigating, along with our delivery company, how an open box with this bottle in it was delivered. We have apologised directly to Mr McManus and offered an appropriate good will gesture. We are working hard to do everything we can to ensure that this cannot happen again.”

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