A fifty year friendship 'on the rocks' between Birds of a Feather stars

According to reports Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke have fallen out after 50 years of friendship.

A fifty year friendship ‘on the rocks’ between Birds of a Feather stars: The fall out meant Quirke was absent from the 30th anniversary show aired in 2019. She also refused to star in the 2020 Christmas special. Birds of a Feather, watched by millions, first aired in 1989. In 2014 it was revived by the original writers, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

The sitcom revolved around two sisters who live together after their husbands are sent to prison. Also in the mix is Dorien, their flirty neighbour, played by Lesley Joseph. A friend told The Mail on Sunday ‘Both Linda and Lesley were saddened that Pauline didn’t want to return to make a 30th anniversary episode.

Linda and Pauline used to be very close, less so Pauline and Lesley. I think Pauline resented the attention that Lesley got and it was very tense and difficult to navigate at times. Pauline wasn’t approached about the Christmas special. The atmosphere on the set had previously become difficult, there were real and tense issues.”

Pauline’s absence was covered by the story she was on a cruise. Last year Robson described her friendship with Quirke, saying “We were friends from ten years of age. We went to the same primary school and we started taking acting classes together. We were known as the real kids, or the cockney kids off the street. We’ve both been really good friends, and we’re still working 52 years later.”

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