Two women dress as old ladies in attempt to get COVID vaccinations

Health officials in Florida said two young women disguised themselves as older to beat the vaccination waiting list.

Two women dress as old ladies in attempt to get COVID vaccinations: The two women, in their 30’s and 40’s, arrived dressed as “grannies” at the Orange County Convention Center wearing glasses, hats and gloves. Currently in Florida only people aged 65 and up are entitled to the vaccine. Surprisingly, the women were after the second dose, having already tricked officials to get their first.

Dr Raul Pino, director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, said “So we realised a couple of young ladies came dressed up as grannies to get vaccinated for the second time. So I don’t know how they escaped the first time.” The two fraudsters were caught after their dates of birth didn’t match the dates they first registered.

They have been named as Olga Monroy-Ramirez, 44, and Martha Vivian Monroy, 34. However, they were only issued with a warning of trespassing and no further action has been taken. The Orange County sheriff’s department added in a statement “And we don’t have any information about whether they were wearing disguises or how they were dressed.”

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