Chinese cleaner sacked for "disgusting act" at a hospital

A British man who attempted to escape from his quarantine hotel at Heathrow is now on hunger strike.

Man attempts to flee from quarantine hotel at Heathrow: Father-of-one Anthony Plum filmed his daring escape attempt from the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel by Heathrow Airport. He was caught and taken back inside by staff. Mr Plum, 30, says he is being held “under duress”. He has described his enforced stay as “the worst experience of my life”.
Dramatic scenes from his video recorder show him pointing it at staff and saying “if you touch me all of you will be sued.” Mr Plum, from Leyton, East London, flew in from Brazil, a “red list” country, and must pay £1,750 for the privilege of his stay for 10 days. He works for Sky Fly Travel agency based in Brazil.

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