Woman who answered door to police in dressing gown caught out by false eyelashes

A lockdown party host was caught out by her false eyelashes and earrings after opening her door to police.

Woman who answered door to police in dressing gown caught out by false eyelashes: Footage from a bodycam shows officers knocking on her door in Kings Norton, Birmingham just after midnight on Friday. West Midlands police were called to the address after reports of the party being streamed live on social media.

After the lights and music were turned off a woman in a dressing gown can be seen opening the door. One officer asks her “Do you usually wear earrings to bed?” while another quips “Do you always sleep in tights?” The video sees officers enter the property to discover 14 people inside. One can be heard to say “Hello everyone, home time, unless you want a COVID fine.”

After two officers were assaulted three arrests were made. The other party goers were allowed to leave after promising to go straight home. Breaking lock down laws by attending a party carries a fine of between £200 and £10,000.

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