The Perseverance rover has sent back first pictures after landing successfully on Mars

The first images from the surface of Mars have been sent back to Earth. After the Perseverance rover landed successfully.

The Perseverance rover has sent back first pictures after landing successfully on Mars: NASA’s mission is to find out if there actually is “life on Mars”. The rover had undertaken a seven month journey through space. Culminating in the historic moment last night. Cheering and clapping could be heard in NASA’s control room at 9pm UK time. Radio signals, traveling at the speed of light, confirmed the safe landing eleven minutes after touchdown.

Flight controller Swati Mohan made the announcement. “Touchdown confirmed! Perseverance safely on the surface of Mars”. As staff jumped from their seats. Perseverance entered Mars’ atmosphere at 12,100mph before deploying a parachute to slow it’s descent to the surface. NASA’s acting administrator, Steve Jurczyk, said just moments later. “It’s amazing to have Perseverance join Curiosity on Mars and what a credit to the team.

Just what an amazing team to work through all the adversity and all the challenges that go with landing a rover on Mars. Plus the challenges of COVID.

And just an amazing accomplishment.” NASA will be relieved considering the £1.9billion cost of the mission. Perseverance will make it’s way to the Jerezo crater. And start drilling and collecting material which may show scientists there is or was sign of life on the red planet. Samples will be sealed in tubes for a future mission to the planet to collect.

NASA explained. “Detailed maps will be provided for any future mission that might go to Mars. And pick up these samples for study by scientists.” The rover is also equipped with a mini helicopter which will be the first craft to fly on another planet. NASA joked “The laws of physics may say it’s near impossible to fly on Mars. But actually flying a heavier-than-air vehicle on the red planet is much harder than that.”

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